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Our many years of doing thorough work show that we're dedicated and knowledgeable in taking care of trees.


We always aim to do a fantastic job, making sure our services are top-quality and meet all your needs.


You can count on us to be there when you need us, providing dependable and helpful services for your trees and yard.

Who We Are

Welcome to Cheap Charlie's Tree Service

Meet Cheap Charlie’s Tree Service, the go-to tree experts in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, NY. With us, you get more than 30+ years of awesome tree care experience. We’re not just another tree company; we’re a friend who knows exactly what your trees need. Being owner-operated means we’re hands-on, giving each tree and customer special attention.

We’re all about making your yard and trees look amazing. We carefully handle each tree, ensuring they’re healthy and look great. Our long history and knowledge help us make your yard a beautiful and safe place to enjoy.

Nassau County Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Making trees look their best and grow well
Suffolk County Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Getting rid of leftover tree stumps
Suffolk County Tree Company

Tree Takedown & Removal

Safely removing trees that are sick, dead, or in the way
Suffolk County Tree Service

Tree Topping

Trimming the tops of trees for better health and growth

From Our Satisfied Customers

Our reputation is built on years of hard work and care. We ensure our customers are happy by providing trustworthy and high-quality services. With us, your trees and yard are in good hands.

Suffolk County Tree Removal
Why Choose Us

Our Comprehensive Tree Services

We do everything to make your trees and yard look amazing! We are passionate about taking care of your trees and offer various services to achieve that. Our dedicated team is packed with tree lovers who use their skills and tools to make sure every tree gets what it needs to be healthy and strong.

The Process

How We Work: Simple and Safe Steps

Working with us is straightforward. We start by inspecting your trees and giving a free cost estimate. Our prices are fair and we make sure you know exactly what to expect. We care about making our services worth every penny and keeping our customers happy.

Safety and doing a great job are our top priorities. We plan and do each task, like cutting or trimming trees, carefully to avoid any problems. Our team makes sure that everything goes smoothly and your yard looks better than ever.

The Value

Experience Unparalleled Excellence With Our Services

We provide outstanding services that offers incredible value. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about ensuring our customers are happy and their trees thrive. We focus on giving you the best service that makes a real difference in your yard.

We’re committed to ensuring each service, whether cutting, trimming or any other tree care, is top-notch. With Cheap Charlie’s, you’ll always get great results that brighten up your yard and make it a lovely place.

Ready To Enhance Your Property’s Beauty And Safety?

Get in touch with our tree service experts at Cheap Charlie’s today! Experience unmatched professionalism and the comprehensive care your trees deserve. Contact us for a FREE estimate, and allow us to transform your property into a beacon of beauty and safety.