The trees in your yard have considerable value, whether growing a prized fruit tree or simply enjoying the shade they provide. However, many people don’t realize how much work goes into keeping those trees healthy and strong. If you want to ensure that you don’t lose any of these trees to disease or damage, it’s best to seek our help. We provide a full range of Long Island Tree services for the following warning signs:

1. Overgrowth

Branches grow too close together when trees are young, and the tree’s canopy becomes dense as it matures. While this provides excellent shade, an overgrown tree can become hazardous in inclement weather conditions. During storms, heavy branches can break windows, cause power outages, and be costly.

Unpruned trees also can pose a tripping hazard for homeowners or might obstruct access to homes and cars. We can have your tree’s branches trimmed annually. To ensure our customers get the highest quality tree care, we only use the latest equipment, techniques and technology.

2. Uneven Growth

Branches growing in an unusual direction are a sign that something is wrong with your trees or shrubs. Uneven growth can result from disease, improper pruning, or simply lack of sunlight. With poor weight distribution, branches and limbs are more likely to break off due to strong winds or heavy snowfall. We can help you trim the trees to balance the growth and prevent damage from cracking or breaking branches.

3. Dead Limbs

The branches that grow to cross over other branches or the other trees should be trimmed off because they are vulnerable to diseases and can lead to other problems down the line. In addition to being unsightly, diseased tree limbs are also a safety hazard as they could fall and cause injury or damage to property.

4. Interference with Power Lines

Limbs and branches growing into or over power lines can be a serious fire hazard. Power lines often stretch between utility poles, and limbs can extend far beyond the width of the tree itself. We understand this and work to ensure that the trees are trimmed accordingly. We employ only fully qualified staff, and all of our work is carried out with the strictest regard for safety.